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FEGCOOSA is to provide a liaison between the students of FGC Otobi and its trustees, administration, staff and friends.
It shall be the purpose of the FEGCOOSA to:
Keep Alumni Conversant with the programs and activities of FGC Otobi;
Provide financial support to the School and its programs;
Develop alumni programs that foster fellowship among alumni and encourage the physical, moral, and spiritual growth of the College; and,
Assist the College in the growth of its academic, administrative, cultural, and extracurricular activities.

Our Values

Our History

FGC Otobi was established in 1996 at the heart of Otobi Akpa, Oturkpo Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. The school was initially merged with FGC Vandeikya, this was as a result of the existing local politics in Benue. However, it took the effort of few persons from the area to lobby the then government of General Sani Abacha to ascertain the location and splitting of Otobi from Vandeikya. Those notable persons are Dr. Enyantu Ifenne, Major General Lawrence Onoja as then a principal staff to general Abacus.
Also is Chief Mike Okibe Onoja the then permanent Secretary federal ministry of defence. Chief Adoga Anyebe Late Col Anthony Ochefu who was then the chairman and governing council of Idoma Community Secondary School.
The condition for bringing Otobi FGC to its present location was the availability of existing structure and the lady, Enyantu had to prevail on the brother (Chief Adoga Anyebe) that night to meet with the community leaders in Akpa to relinquish the existing Idoma community for the new school to commence immediately But the school was originally to be FGC Utonkon that is to use the then GTC Utonkon in ado local govt, but as at this time the town was not having light and the school reservoir no longer function for students to have a clean drink of water.
FGC Otobi officially took off in 1997 and is made up of young boys and girls from the age of 9 and above with the aim of uniting young students from different part of the country to live together in Peace, Love and  Harmony, to teach them the core African values both Academically, Socially and otherwise.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to create a platform for old students of FGC Otobi to continually meet, network, be of help to One another at different points of need, help young graduating students with Job employments, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) for fresh graduates, provide quality educational materials to undergraduates, help young students become focused in their studies and life in general, Skill Acquisition for interested members etc
Phone no of excos:
President: +234 703 351 0422
Secretary: +234 703 913 5632
Email: info@fegcoosa.org
Website: www.fegcoosa.org

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